Onslow Bay 41' Tournament Edition

The Onslow Bay 41' Tournament Edition is COMING SOON


We anticipate having our first demo completed for Spring/Summer 2018


Check back for progress updates as we continue to work on the plugs, molds, and hull #1

The hull mold is almost finished! A little bit more work and it will be ready to have a metal frame built.


The cap plug is almost ready to begin the mold process, and the liner plug is being worked on as well.

This picture was taken looking down from the loft into the liner plug. A lot of work goes in to the plug before the mold can be made, and we have a great crew working meticulously on all of the bits and pieces

This is the console plug. If you watch the slider on this page, there is a very early picture of this part before it was finished. The yellow tape denotes the side entry door that leads to the berth below.

Fish boxes, hatches, and many other parts are being worked on as well


Centerline LOA: 40'10"
Waterline Length: 34'2"
Beam: 11'4"
Deadrise: 24 degrees
Dry Weight: 10,300 lbs
Draft: 28"
Max HP: TBD Triples or Quad
Min HP: 900 Triples
Min Cockpit Depth: 24"
Fuel Capacity: 580 gallons in 3 tanks
Max Speed: TBD

Standard Features